Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions before or after booking a stay with us? Our Frequently Asked Questions will likely provide you with the answers you need. And if not, please contact us!

Before my stay

> General Information

How can I find out if there is an Onlycamp campsite where I am going?
To easily find our campsites, you can check the interactive map on the homepage or on the “”All Our Campsites“” page.

> How can I find information related to each campsite: services, activities, camping features, contact details?

You will find all the information specific to each campsite directly on the website of the campsite you are interested in. To find it, go to the “”All Our Campsites“” page, locate the campsite, and click on “”Visit the website.””

> How do I view the campsite map?

The campsite map is available at the bottom of the campsite’s website homepage.

> Are the campsites accessible to people with reduced mobility?

All our sites have facilities adapted for people with reduced mobility. Some of our campsites are equipped with accommodations specifically designed for people with reduced mobility.

> Are pets allowed?

Pets are welcome! For the comfort of everyone, your pet must be kept on a leash, and waste must be picked up. The presence of your pet results in a daily supplement, and we will ask to see its vaccination record. Dangerous or aggressive animals and dogs of category 1 and 2 are not allowed on our sites.

> How many vehicles are allowed per pitch or rental?

Only one vehicle is permitted to park inside the campsite. Depending on the sites and periods, you may park directly on the pitch or in nearby parking areas if the area of your pitch/accommodation is pedestrian. We aim to limit traffic on our sites to preserve tranquility. All additional vehicles must park outside.

> Do you accept unaccompanied minors?

No, unaccompanied minors are not accepted, even with a parental authorization.

> How many people can camp on the same pitch?

The maximum capacity allowed on a pitch for tents, campers, and caravans is 6 people (including children and babies). If you exceed this maximum capacity, you will need to reserve a second pitch. Specific pitches dedicated to groups may have a different maximum capacity.

Pricing and Terms

> How can I inquire about the rates and availability of a campsite?

You can check availability and rates for your desired periods by simulating a reservation on the campsite’s website or on, then by clicking on “book.” By entering your dates and clicking “search,” you will receive real-time rates and availability and can choose to make your reservation.

> What payment methods are accepted for reservations?

We accept online payments by credit or debit card, checks, and ANCV Holiday Vouchers. ANCV Connect Holiday Vouchers are not accepted.

> Do I need to pay a security deposit?

Upon reservation, we take a security deposit that is not deducted from your account.

> Are there any booking fees to be paid?

This depends on the method you use to make your reservation.

> Do you accept low-season cards, and what are the acceptance periods?

We sell and accept the Camping-Card from the group at our campsites, and we accept the ACSI card at most of our destinations. To find out the periods and rates, visit the camping-card page or the ACSI website.

> I have a promo code, how can I use it?

During your online reservation, at the payment stage, you will have the option to enter a promo code that will automatically calculate the discount applied to your stay. You can also use it directly with the campsite.

> I have a credit, how can I use it?

The campsite that issued your credit has sent you an email with all the information. To use it, contact the campsite where you wish to make a reservation and provide the information received in the email. If you do not have an email, the campsite can retrieve your information and credit using your contact details.

> When do I need to settle the balance of my stay?

For pitches, you settle the balance upon arrival at the campsite. For accommodations, the balance is due 30 days before your arrival. An email will be sent to you with a payment link to settle the balance. For more information, you can refer to the General Sales Conditions.

> What is included in my rate?

With the reservation of a pitch or accommodation, you have access to all the free or paid infrastructure and services of the campsite or village. Included in your rate are, for example: access to the pool if the campsite has a private pool, volleyball court, petanque, Wi-Fi in campsites that provide it, activities, playground… However, additional services, rentals, and consumptions at the snack bar are charged separately.

> Can I pay in installments?

We offer two payment options: paying the full amount at the time of booking or paying in two installments: a 30% deposit at the time of booking and the balance 30 days before your arrival. Therefore, if you make a reservation less than 30 days before your arrival, you will need to pay the full amount of the stay.


> How can I reserve a pitch or accommodation?

You can book directly on our website by clicking the “BOOK” button. Availability is displayed in real-time, and our payment process is secure. To reserve your stay, you will need to pay a deposit or the full amount, depending on the booking date.

I’m not sure if I want to make a reservation; can I place a hold?

It’s not possible to place a hold; you can take your time to think, but the accommodation or pitch cannot be blocked.

> Can I book my pitch in advance?

Yes, we recommend booking in advance to ensure availability.

> Can I choose my pitch or accommodation?

During the booking process, you can check the “Preference option” box and specify in the comments the pitch or accommodation you would like to reserve. Subject to availability, we will do our best to accommodate your request. However, please note that this preference option does not constitute a firm reservation.

> Why am I asked for information about my camping equipment (tent, caravan, etc.) and its size?

The size of the pitch offered to you is related to the natural configuration of that pitch: a small or medium flat area on a sloping pitch, a pitch with a tree in the middle or surrounded by a lot of vegetation, etc. That’s why it’s important to provide accurate information about the size of your tent, caravan, or camper. We cannot guarantee access to your pitch if your equipment does not match what you indicated during your reservation. It is not possible to add an additional tent on certain categories of pitches.

Tent Sizes:

Small tent: 2 x 3 meters – 1 to 3 persons
Medium tent: 3 x 5 meters – 1 to 4 persons
Large tent: 4 x 7 meters – 1 to 6 persons
If your tent exceeds the maximum size, we invite you to contact the campsite directly.

> I made a reservation at the wrong campsite; can I change it?

Yes, please contact the campsite in which you made the reservation in error by email, and we can modify it, subject to availability at the chosen campsite.

> Until what time can I make an online reservation for a same-day arrival?

You can make reservations online until 5:00 PM, or you can contact the campsite by phone.

> When will I receive the confirmation of my reservation?

The booking confirmation is sent automatically by email after payment of your deposit. If you haven’t received a confirmation email, please check your email’s spam or junk folder and ensure that your email address is spelled correctly. Otherwise, you can request to have it resent by contacting the campsite directly. You will also find all the information related to your stay in your customer account.

> How and why should I create a customer account?

You can create a customer account by clicking on the “”My Account”” menu. Through your customer account, you will have access to a personal space that gathers all the elements necessary for tracking your reservations effectively. You can retrieve all your past and upcoming bookings through this account.

> How can I modify or recover my account password?

On the MY ACCOUNT page, you can click on “”FORGOT PASSWORD”” to receive a password reset email. Please remember to check your spam or junk folder.

> I want to unsubscribe from newsletters

You have the option to unsubscribe from our newsletters by selecting the “”Unsubscribe”” link at the bottom of each of our newsletters. It’s possible that you may continue to receive information from us during the system update period.

Modification and Cancellation

> Can I modify my reservation after making it?

Yes, you can modify your reservation up to 7 days before your stay date, subject to availability, by contacting us by email. Please note that modification fees may apply.

> What is the cancellation policy in case of an impediment?

You can check our cancellation policy on our website for more details at this link : CGA

Stay - Upon Arrival

> What are the check-in and check-out times?

For pitches and accommodations, check-out is before 11 AM, and check-in starts from 3 PM, unless otherwise specified on the campsite’s website.

> Can I take possession of my pitch or accommodation earlier?

You can contact the campsite to inquire about the possibility of arriving earlier or departing later. The campsite will respond based on its availability, and additional fees may apply.

> I’m arriving on short notice: can I set up on a pitch?

If you are passing through and decide to stop by, you are welcome!
For the proper management of the campsite, it is necessary to check in at the reception, or if it is closed, to call the campsite’s phone number to announce your arrival. We will then provide you with the necessary instructions.

Séjour – pendant mon séjour

> Information

> Is there a minimum required length of stay?

For pitches, there is no minimum stay, except for exceptional events, and you can stay as long as you wish.
For accommodations, it depends on the periods. To find this information, you can perform a search for the desired dates.
Moreover, reservations for more than 21 nights are not possible online, but they are welcome. In this case, you can contact the campsite where you want to make a reservation, and the receptionist will assist you with your booking.

> I want to extend or shorten my stay, how can I do that?

You can go to the campsite’s reception and request a modification of your stay, subject to availability.

> I have an emergency at the campsite, who should I contact?

You can contact the campsite’s phone number, which is available at all times in case of an emergency.

> I’m traveling with a baby. Does the campsite have baby-friendly facilities?
Most campsites have a sanitary block with a baby changing station. Additionally, we can provide you with a travel crib, a changing mat, and a high chair upon request and subject to availability. Visit the website of the specific campsite, on the “Activities and Services” page, to find this information, or contact the campsite directly.
> Are accommodations equipped with heating/air conditioning? Is there a TV in my mobile home? I want to bring my own sheets; how can I be sure of the dimensions?
You can find all of this information in the accommodation inventory on the campsite’s website under the “Accommodation” page.
> Is it possible to set up a tent next to the accommodation I rented?
This is possible at some campsites depending on the available space. To confirm and validate this option, it’s best to contact the campsite.

> Do I need an adapter to connect to electricity at the pitch?

Most campsites have electrical outlets that comply with European standards, which require an adapter. You can find this information on the “”Services”” page of the campsite’s website.

> Is there Wi-Fi access at the campsite?

We promote disconnection, but some campsites have Wi-Fi zones.

> Can I recharge my electric vehicle at the campsite?

It is strictly forbidden to recharge an electric vehicle at the pitch’s outlets or any other non-designated socket within the campsite. Using an improper socket can damage the socket and the vehicle, and in the worst case, lead to a fire. As each campsite is unique, the available equipment and services vary from one campsite to another. Visit the website of each campsite to find the information you are looking for.

> What types of equipment are allowed on bare pitches?

You can set up tents, caravans, campers, and camper vans on our bare pitches.

> Do you offer electrical hookups at the pitches?

Yes, most of our bare pitches offer electrical hookups, but please verify this during the reservation.

> Are sanitary facilities available?

Yes, we have sanitary blocks with hot showers, toilets, and sinks near the pitches.

Campsite Rules

> Can we smoke inside the accommodations?

No, all our accommodations are strictly non-smoking.

> What are the rules related to noise?

It is requested not to move around the campsite and to avoid making noise between 10 PM and 7 AM to respect other campers.
All rules related to life on the campsite are listed in the internal regulations of Onlycamp campsites

Stay - Upon Departure

Do accommodations have cleaning products? No, please bring them to ensure the accommodation is left in perfect cleanliness. It is also possible to subscribe to a cleaning package that ranges from €30 to €60, depending on the types of accommodations.

Stay - After My Stay

> I am extremely satisfied with my stay, and I want to leave an excellent 5/5 rating on Google to let the world know. How can I do this?

Type the name of the campsite where you stayed into Google’s search bar, find the campsite, and leave a review there. We’ll be delighted to read it and respond!

> I want to get a copy of my stay invoice. How can I do this?

At the end of your stay, if you provided your email address, the invoice should have been automatically sent to you via email. If, however, you haven’t received it, you can contact the campsite, and they can send it to you.

> I think I left an item at the campsite. What should I do?

Contact the campsite, specifying your stay number and a description of the item you left behind. With your agreement, they can arrange to send it back to you at your expense.

> How can I file a complaint?

Our teams work daily to ensure your holidays go smoothly and your experience is memorable. If your stay didn’t meet your expectations, we invite you to send an email to We make extra efforts to handle all requests as quickly as possible and provide a satisfactory response to each of them. If you are on-site and encounter an issue, our teams are here to help, so don’t hesitate to consult them directly.


How can I contact you outside the camping’s opening season?
You can send us an email by visiting the “”Contact Us”” section of the website (located at the top or bottom of the website), selecting the camping you want to contact, and we will respond as soon as possible. Please note that we do not answer the phone during the closing period.

Businesses and Groups

I want to organize a group stay.
Associations, clubs, families, and friends, are you looking for an authentic and nature-filled place to organize a group stay and gather? We invite you to contact the campsite.

If I didn’t find an answer to my question, who can I contact?
You can visit the “Contact Us” page to find the contact details of the campsite you wish to reach out to.

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