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The art of installing stakes

How to best set up your tent?

After a long trip, it’s now time to set up your tent.

A job that can occasionally be difficult for some people !

In this article, ONLYCAMP shares its secrets that will help you at this crucial time.


  • Choose a flat surface to avoid any flooding in case of rain and ideally a site which is higher than the rest of the campsite.
  • Face the opening of the tent to the east if you would like to wake up to the sun or to the west in case of extreme heat.
  • Remove any rocks, branches and roots which might damage the floor of the tent.
  • Verify that there is not an anthill.
  • Face the opening of the tent in the opposite direction of the wind to avoid the tent being filled with air and the sides being under tension.
Camping le Val de Blois


  • Stretch the tent fully to avoid water stagnating on the tent.
  • Lay out a tarp under the tent which is slightly smaller than the tent. This will avoid moisture accumulation under the tent.
  • Make sure that you have all of the material necessary to begin setting up your tent: the tent, the stakes and the poles. A hammer will help you to install the stakes correctly.
  • Install the stakes at a slant and push them deep into the ground to avoid catching your foot on one. To remove them easily from the ground, you can use one of the other stakes. You can also add a tarp on the top of the tent to protect it from the rain.


  • Let your tent dry in the sun before leaving campsite to avoid any mould.
  • Put all of the material away in the same bag to avoid losing a component of your tent.
  • Do not fold your tent in the same way each time as this can cause holes.
  • Finally, air out your tent once in a while, even if you don’t use it!